The objective of Duo MemDi is to perform music that embraces the diversity of world cultures. Particularly, we focus on commissioning and performing music of composers from underrepresented groups. All of our live performances are from memory – a rare feat in the world of chamber music. We feel that it allows for a connection to composers’ ideas in a more holistic and insightful way. These ideals inspired the name of the duo: Mem[ory] and Di[versity] = MemDi.

The desire to produce our first recording as Duo MemDi is in response to the audiences who have inquired about our future projects upon hearing and seeing our live performances. Our motivation for this project is to recognize the different faces of classical music and pair new compositions with works from the standard repertoire to promote inclusivity. The new works featured are by Jeffrey Mumford and Anton Prischepa, composers of African-American and Russian descent, respectively. Our debut recording highlights a few of the many approaches to incorporating folk music elements in modern classical music, featuring new and old works that represent the essence of our Duo.